Major WWE Draft Spoiler

Could this HUGE name be switching brands next month?

Drew McIntyre

With the WWE Draft just a matter of weeks away, many are pondering whether Drew McIntyre will be heading to SmackDown. Now, further fuel has been added to those flames by the Scottish Warrior being advertised to compete on WWE's blue brand show on 1 October.

As per an advertisement from Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena, McIntyre is advertised to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship on the 1 October SmackDown.

Some are reading this as being an indication that the two-time WWE Champion is switching Raw for SmackDown, although it's worth noting that the SmackDown episode in question is the first night of this year's WWE Draft - meaning McIntyre vs. Reigns could always end up being some sort of cross-brand bout.

The WWE Draft will then conclude on the Monday 4 October episode of Raw, with some already believing that a change of brand is on the horizon for Drew McIntyre.


Since falling short in his quest to regain the WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley, the Scot has largely been treading water in recent weeks and months. Battles with long-time pals Sheamus and Jinder Mahal have kept McIntyre busy, but those rivalries feel like they were merely keeping Drew ticking over until the Draft.

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