Major WWE Raw Star Injured?

The brutal pro wrestling injury bug claims another victim, this time in WWE.

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The "minor situation" that prevented Kevin Owens from appearing on WWE Raw this week was an injury.

Owens had been booked to face Elias/Ezekiel/Elrod in a Money In The Bank qualification match on 27 June, but announcer Jimmy Smith confirmed the bout was to be "rescheduled" near the top of the show. Neither a reason nor the contest's new date were disclosed at the time.

Following this, the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reported that the rescheduling came as a result of the aforementioned "minor situation." Mike Johnson of PWInsider has now confirmed that this is a non-serious injury.


There is currently no word on when, exactly, Owens will be back on WWE television. One available spot remains in the men's Money In The Bank ladder match ahead of this Saturday's pay-per-view, though accommodating KO vs. whatever member of the Samson clan decides to show up might be difficult between now and then. Currently, WWE only has Friday's SmackDown and the MITB premium live event itself to go.

Owens and the rechristened Ezekiel have been feuding since shortly after WrestleMania 38, when the former Elias returned under his new guise, burying himself under KO's skin over the following weeks.

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