Major WWE Star "Pushing" For Entrance Music Change

It seems only a matter of time before WWE switches up this wrestler's theme music.

Drew McIntyre WWE

Drew McIntyre told fans via TikTok that his iconic 'Broken Dreams' entrance music "will be there" again "at some point" - he's been pushing for it behind the scenes, and knows how much WWE supporters cherish the tune.

The Scot also admitted that hearing 'Broken Dreams' for the first time backstage was "pretty freaking cool". He watched his new tron video and heard the track whilst standing next to Vince McMahon. The then-WWE boss turned to Drew and congratulated him. Meanwhile, McIntyre "finally felt like a WWE Superstar" afterwards.


There is a lot of love for his current music, but that affection comes nowhere close to the clamour for 'Broken Dreams' to make a return. This TikTok video is the most hands-on Drew has been with the idea publicly. Previously, he was always more coy about things and said 'we'll see'.

At one point during the TikTok clip, he said: "So, when it comes back everybody better know the words".


WWE has used the track as a teaser several times over the years, but they've never gone all in on a comeback. It's clearly coming soon enough though.


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