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SmackDown gained a "new" superstar on last night's go home before Royal Rumble.

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Big E is officially back on SmackDown full time.

WWE announced on Friday's go home episode before the Royal Rumble that the New Day man had been traded from Raw. This, for anyone wondering, is a complete turnaround that dumps all over the importance of the Draft - E was Raw's top pick last October, but WWE has decided to change course again.

E and pal Kofi Kingston beat Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss in a tag-team match before both broke the news that the former WWE Champion was back on FOX permanently. There's no doubt that a tag feud vs. Corbin/Moss is a bit of a drop from riding high over on Monday's as WWE Champ.


That particular main event run is over.

WWE also announced on Friday's show that 'King' Woods won't be around for another couple of weeks. Woods had been rumoured to be returning on SmackDown, but that didn't happen. Instead, E was shifted over from Raw.


This means that all three New Day members will be on the same show again for the first time since the aforementioned Draft late-last year.

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