Major WWE Star Plotting Tag-Team Run With The Rock?!

Roman Reigns might not be The Rock's only WWE tag-team partner in the future.

WWE Raw Drew McIntyre

The Rock sensationally returned to WWE mid-WrestleMania season and will team with Bloodline cohort Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes on night one at this year's bumper weekender in Philadelphia. Then...who knows what Rocky has in store for fans?

Drew McIntyre has a suggestion. The burly Scot has entered the chat.


McIntyre told The Scottish Sun that he dreams of working with The Rock in some capacity. In fact, Drew would be right up for becoming 'The Great One's' next partner post-Roman. Only one thing matters to McIntyre should they do business: The "story makes sense".

What would the pair be called if they did align? 'The Chosen Ones'? 'The Final Bosses'? 'McRoody-Poo Patrol'? OK, obviously all of those names are absolutely crap, but stranger things have happened in WWE than this. Failing that, perhaps Triple H would prefer to program Drew and Rocky opposite one another as opponents later in the year.


That'd be another huge honour for McIntyre. He'd be positively buzzing at the thought!

Generally, Drew says he's delighted to see The Rock back on WWE TV, because the Hollywood star naturally brings a ton of mainstream attention with him wherever he goes. That can only be good for everyone else on Raw, SmackDown and NXT.

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