Major WWE Star Was "Beyond Disappointed" To Miss WrestleMania

This WWE worker's kids were hyped about WrestleMania, but daddy didn't know what to tell them!

Bobby Lashley Andre The Giant WWE

Bobby Lashley has admitted he was "beyond disappointed" to miss out on a spot at WrestleMania 39 this past April. The WWE star believed he was a shoe-in for a spot even after a scheduled bout with Bray Wyatt was mysteriously pulled ahead of time.

The ex-Hurt Business leader told WrestlingNewsCo that he didn't know what to tell his kids when they excitedly asked dad if they'd be going to the big weekender in California. Eventually, Bobby agreed the family could go even if he wasn't on the card - Lashley figured he'd be there in some capacity though.


Not quite.

Bray tragically passed in August, but Lashley didn't really know what was going on with his peer at the time. His main concern was securing a lucrative spot on the biggest card(s) of the entire year. To Bobby, that was a must. He'd been working hard on live events on the road for a long time building up to 'Mania, and was bummed out when WWE told him they had no contingency plan beyond the pencilled in Wyatt match.


Instead, Lashley won SmackDown's Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy on TV.


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