Malakai Black Wants To See These Ex-WWE Stars In AEW

AEW man Black thinks Tony Khan's company should sign these two released WWE names.

William Regal Samoa Joe

Malakai Black would really like to see both William Regal and Samoa Joe make their way to AEW someday.

The All Elite star shared a particularly touching tribute to Regal during his interview with CBS Sports - Black's words were heartfelt, and he wanted to put across just how much the ex-WWE man had helped him progress from the independent scene to NXT.

Amongst other things, Malakai said: "Whatever [Regal] decides to do, I hope he realises that he’s very respected and he’s very loved". Pro wrestling could do with a healthy portion of positivity and respect just like that.


Black also believes Joe would be the perfect fit for Tony Khan's company "as an active competitor part or just someone who helps produce". Few wrestling fans would argue with that. The Samoan didn't reach the heights that some thought he should've in WWE's system, but there'd be a real appetite for matches against Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and more in AEW.

That's something Malakai says he'd "welcome" if it was ever on the table. He thinks bringing in minds as savvy as Regal and Joe would be a boost for his current employer.

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