Man Charged For Attempted Armed Kidnapping Of WWE Star Sonya Deville

Deville is safe following the harrowing incident, thankfully.

Sonya Deville

A horrifying situation unfolded in Lutz, Florida this weekend, with Kavitha Surana of the Tampa Bay Times reporting that a 24-year-old male was arrested for the attempted armed kidnapping of WWE wrestler Sonya Deville in the small hours of Sunday morning.

Phillip A. Thomas II entered Deville's home at approximately midnight. Per the police report, he cut a hole in a poolside screen, stepped through it, then entered the building itself after watching the occupant head to bed at around 2:43am. An alarm was triggered in the process and the homeowner and their guest left in a car, having caught a glimpse of Thomas.

Thomas was found still in the house with zip ties, duct tape, a knife, mace, and more when police arrived on the scene. He confessed there and then that he planned on taking the occupant hostage, hence the charges.


Deville, fortunately, seems to be doing as okay as could be expected. She tweeted the following a few short hours ago:-


"It's frightening to think of all the way this incident could have played out had the home alarm not gone off and alerted the homeowner of an intruder," said Sheriff Chad Chronister.

It was believed that Thomas had been planning the incident for eight months. He had been stalking Deville on social media for years prior to what went down, and has now been charged with aggravated stalking, armed burglary, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief.

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