Mandy Rose WWE Release Called Triple H's "First Fumble"

A former WWE writer thinks Triple H f*cked up big time by letting Mandy Rose go.

Mandy Rose

Ex-WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr has called Mandy Rose's company departure Triple H's "first fumble" since assuming control of the promotion post-Vince McMahon retirement.

Speaking via his podcast, Prinze Jr called it a huge error on Hunter's part to sanction Mandy's release on 14 December - WWE chiefs reportedly fired Rose due to content she'd been posting on FanTime. The news earned big backlash from pro wrestling fans and critics alike, and again called into question WWE's "independent contractor" stamp they put on workers.

Freddie questioned that on his pod too, and said "there's some crazy stuff there that is not cool". He was particularly baffled when he read reports that Mandy had been let go, because Prinze Jr believed she'd earned her stripes with a stunning run as NXT Women's Champion.


Rose moved to NXT in July 2021, and subsequently made her mark by enjoying a colossal 413-day reign as Women's Champ. That, according to Prince Jr, should've earned her some sway with WWE bigwigs and another chance on Raw or SmackDown.

Instead, Triple H agreed to cut her free. Is that his "first fumble" as boss?

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