Masks Now Compulsory At All WWE TV Tapings

Long overdue safety measure finally comes into play in WWE.

Dolph Ziggler Mask

Wearing a protective mask is now mandatory for anyone who attends WWE's tapings at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

This is according to a new memo circulated internally throughout WWE, as revealed by Fightful:-

“As a reminder, wearing masks, sanitizing and social distancing will be required at the Performance Center this week and going forward. You’ll be required to wear a mask upon entering and we ask that you adhere to these requirements in order to minimize risks."

The effects of WWE's new order were seen on this week's episode of Raw, as the NXT and PC wrestlers in the audience were all wearing masks and seemingly taking extra effort to adhere to social distancing, with the practice presumably carrying over to the backstage area as well.


Implementing these measures is long overdue. WWE has been rightly criticised for their handling of the global health crisis since it kicked in in March and while they can't change the past, at least they're now taking the necessary steps to safeguard their independent contractors' health.

Last week brought reports that approximately two dozen WWE personnel had tested positive for the illness currently sweeping the globe, with Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Adam Pearce, and Jamie Noble among the number. Testing continued yesterday, per Fightful, with WWE calling wrestlers in early in the morning, hoping that the results would return in time for today's NXT television tapings.

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