Matt Cardona Appears At NWA Hard Times 2

The Deathmatch King has the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title in his sights.

Matt Cardona Trevor Murdoch NWA Hard Times 2

With Billy Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance putting on its Hard Times 2 PPV last night, one of the biggest talking points coming out of this show is that Matt Cardona is seemingly on a collision course with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch.

At Hard Times 2, the main event saw Murdoch successfully retain the company's biggest prize against Mike Knox. Post-match, Cardona arrived to 'congratulate' the NWA Worlds Champ.

That congratulations allowed for Knox to hit a low blow on Murdoch, with Mick Foley then calling for assistance in the shape of Da Pope. Cardona and Knox would lay waste to Pope before then delivering a two-on-one beatdown to Murdoch. As the PPV went off the air, the one-time Zack Ryder gazed at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title to suggest we'll be getting Cardona vs. Murdoch down the line.


Following the show, Cardona was interviewed by Josh Shernoff for FITE TV, where he talked up his friendship with Mike Knox dating back to 2006, take a shot at Mick Foley, and stated how all he wanted to do was to find out if the iconic Ten Pounds of Gold weight ten pounds of gold.


Since being released by WWE in April 2020, the Long Islander has made quite the splash as he's competed for, amongst others, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling and GCW - even at one point dethroning Nick Gage to become the GCW World Champion and self-proclaimed Deathmatch King.

Now, it looks as if Matt Cardona will be getting to mix it up in the NWA for at least a little while.

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