Matt Cardona Beats Nick Gage To Become GCW Champion

Hell freezes over, as the Broski beats Nick F'N Gage to become the new GCW World Champ.

Matt Cardona GCW Homecoming Night 1

Amidst a barrage of beer bottles being thrown in his direction, Matt Cardona walked out of last night's GCW Homecoming Night 1 as the new GCW World Champion.

Yes, much to the dismay and disbelief of many a wrestling fan, Cardona managed to beat Nick Gage to take home GCW's biggest prize.

In a match that saw the King of Ultra Violence use light tubes, glass, his patented pizza cutter and more on his opponent, Cardona landed the Radio Silence on Gage to pick up the victory.


It wasn't quite as clean-cut as that, mind, for the match featured a run-in from Ricky Shane Page's 44OH! group, Fozzy's Judas playing to tease an appearance from Chris Jericho, and former GCW World Champ RSP turning on Gage - hitting a low blow that allowed Cardona to nail his Radio Silence finisher.

All of this resulted in a pissed off Atlantic City crowd reigning down beer bottles, general trash and plenty of middle fingers as the bloodied former Zack Ryder celebrated his win.


Elsewhere at Homecoming Night 1, Marko Stunt defeated Starboy Charlie, Tony Deppen defeated Ninja Mack, AJ Gray defeated Nolan Edward, 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Grimm Reefer, Drew Parker defeated Alex Colon to become the new GCW Ultraviolent Champion, Atticus Cogar won the six-way scramble match, the Second Gear Crew tandem of Matthew Justice and Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver to become the new GCW Tag Team Champions, and Effy defeated Frontman Jah-C.

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