Matt Cardona Trolls GCW Star In Deathmatch Retirement

The former GCW Champion claims he is done with deathmatches, taking a shot in the process.

Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona took an in-character shot at fellow former GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page in his retirement from deathmatch wrestling this weekend.

Cardona, who dropped the GCW title to Jon Moxley on 4 September, tweeted the following on Sunday (19 September):-

This is a word-for-word repost of RSP's own deathmatch retirement, as posted on 5 September:-

Page's retirement was an entirely more earnest affair than Cardona's, with the 37-year-old stepping away from the deathmatch scene after his 44OH! stable tell to a Nick Gage-led Team NDK in a brutal War Games match for GCW on 4 September. Cardona, meanwhile, had based his entire GCW character around trolling the company's hardcore audience with his Sports Entertainment-isms, presenting himself as antithetical to the group's identity.

24 July saw Cardona claim the GCW Title from Nick Gage in one of the year's most heated matches, doing so in a riotously entertaining deathmatch. Gage had reigned since April 2021, when he took the belt from RSP, whose 488-day run commenced with an ill-gotten win over Gage in December 2019.


Whether or not Cardona will return to GCW after his Moxley-induced comeuppance remains to be seen.

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