Matt Hardy Challenges Chris Jericho To An Elite Deletion In AEW

Get ready for a trip to the Hardy Compound.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has invited former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho to the Hardy Compound for what he is calling an "Elite Deletion."

The challenge was issued on last night's episode of Dynamite, as Hardy appeared from a warehouse within the grounds of his North Carolina home. After ripping on each member of Jericho's Inner Circle individually, Hardy honed in on "Le Hole of le A*s," revealing that Vanguard 1 had burned the IC shirt that Chris tried to lure the drone in the previous week and replaced it with Matt's new design.

The gauntlet was then thrown down, but Jericho didn't respond - despite joining Tony Schiavone on commentary all night long.


It looks like AEW is keen to tap into Hardy's weird, wonderful magic early on, and heading to the Compound makes all the sense in the world at the moment. Finding content that doesn't depend on a live crowd is becoming increasingly essential for wrestling promotions as their empty arena shows continue losing steam. A repeat of the off-the-wall Deletions that made Hardy a viral smash several years ago is therefore perfect in this situation, and it'll be fun to see what he and Jericho concoct.

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