Matt Hardy DID NOT Trademark 'Twist Of Fate' Finisher

He claims that WWE chose to make the change on their own.


Matt Hardy has responded to a fan on Twitter denying the reports that he trademarked the use of the 'Twist of Fate' name by stating that he 'DID NOT'.

What a couple of weeks for the Hardy family.

Matt has finally been released back into the free agency wilderness - exploring his creative freedom with The Young Bucks on YouTube - and Jeff finally returned to action last night on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.


However, along with an eye-catching new tattoo, Jeff was also boasting a new finisher. A slightly altered 'Twist of Fate' which ended up with his opponent flat on their face instead.

This move was christened the 'Twist of Fury' on air and lead many fans to wonder why the change was made.


Well, despite some suggesting that Hardy had trademarked the use of the 'Twist of Fate' finisher's name, the BROKEN one clarified his side of the story on Twitter:


With the change appearing as though it came from WWE's side, does this point to the company distancing themselves from the tag team/TLC legend? Possibly.

What do you think of Jeff's new finisher and tattoo?

Hopefully we see the 'Charismatic Enigma' enjoy a healthy run throughout 2020 and we may even see him come to blows with Roman Reigns at some point - as he hinted at last night.

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