Matt Hardy Hints At Leaving WWE, Thanks Fans

Is this the end of the road for Broken/Woken/Team Xtreme brilliance?

It could be a work.

Any news on Matt Hardy's recent comments about WWE must be tempered with that. Matt's Twitter name is "Matt Hardy in LIMBO", after all, and it's not like the veteran hasn't become a master of manipulating fan sentiment over the years.

Even so, something feels different this time. After losing another match to Erick Rowan on last night's Raw, Matt tweeted out a quick message of thanks to fans who have supported him since his return in November 2019. Then, he reminded people to enjoy his matches by saying, "At this rate there won’t be many more".

Recent reports online suggest Matt will be eligible to wrestle elsewhere when his WWE contract expires on 1 March. Those same sources are also claiming that Hardy and WWE are currently at an impasse over the creative team's use of him going forwards. Money, it seems, isn't the issue.

It'd be a shame for someone so cherished by fans to go out on a losing streak, but it looks likely unless, again, the whole thing is part of a bigger story and both sides comes to an agreement.

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