Matt Hardy Provides Update On Brother Jeff

Here’s Matt Hardy with the latest on Jeff, who was sent home by WWE this weekend.

The Hardy Boyz

Jeff Hardy’s brother Matt has provided an update on his sibling’s situation following the news that Jeff had been sent home by WWE over the weekend.

Speaking on his Twitch channel on Monday, Matt said that he had spoken to Jeff earlier that day. “He’s okay, he’s good, and I think he’ll be fine,” the elder Hardy said, but added that it wasn’t his business.


“If [Jeff] wants to go into it in more detail, then he’ll do it himself,” Matt added. “But Jeff is okay. He is at home. He is okay.”

WWE sent Jeff home after a house show in Edinburg, Texas last Saturday (4 December). The SmackDown wrestler was reportedly “sluggish” in the ring while teaming with Drew McIntyre and King Woods to face The Bloodline. Tailed by security, he left the ring and departed through the crowd after tagging out, with WWE then pulling him from the previous day’s show in Corpus Christi.


Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer Daily Update that WWE has not responded to any questions on Hardy’s status. Jeff is yet to break his silence on the matter himself.

Jeff last appeared on WWE television on last week's episode of SmackDown, featuring in a segment with McIntyre, Happy Corbin, and Madcap Moss.

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