Matt Hardy Responds To Jim Ross' AEW Tease

Announcer referred to the Young Bucks as 'the Bucks of Youth'.


Is Matt Hardy set to be unveiled as the Dark Order's mysterious Exalted One over in AEW? All signs are hinting in that direction, not least a little line Jim Ross let slip on last night's episode of Dynamite.

During a chaotic brawl involving the Young Bucks, Best Friends, The Hybrid 2 and the Butcher and the Blade, the veteran announcer referred to Matt and Nick as 'The Bucks of Youth'. This, seemingly, wasn't one of Ross' frequent little slip-ups, but a knowing wink to the speech patterns of the Broken One.

Matt responded to the reference on Twitter after the show, writing:

"He did [say that]? Nothing's sacred anymore. In all seriousness, I wouldn't be who I am today without [Ross'] assistance. JR always has my blessing to use the term 'Bucks of Youth'."

Adding further fuel to this particular fire, Ross responded, saying he hoped the pair's paths would soon cross again.

Hardy's WWE contract is due to expire on 1 March. The Hardy boy has not being shy in vocalising disappointment over his current lot in the company, and is expected to alight in pastures new when his time in the promotion expires.

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