Matt Hardy Shoots HARD On Anti-AEW "Dumb*ss"

"People love AEW, dumb*ss," says Matt Hardy as a rude fan comes at him on Twitter.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has clapped back at a Twitter user criticising him for "teleportation, ridiculous promos on drones, morphing, changing clothes," and "ice machines."

Said tweet was in response to Hardy's own reply to fierce criticism from "shock jock" Jim Cornette. Matt fired back, pointing out that AEW Dynamite was number one on cable last Wednesday night, saying the promotion is "here to stay":-

There's never a good time to throw undue abuse in somebody's direction on social media, no matter what you may think of their work, but it's definitely not a good idea to post fierce criticism on one of their promotion's most successful weeks ever.


Last Wednesday was the first time AEW Dynamite had finished number one on cable for the night. A 0.44 rating was more than enough to win out over the closest competition (The Challenge: Double Agents Reunion Part 2, which hit 0.32), while the overall viewership of 1.090 million meant Dynamite has now broken the million-viewer mark on three of its four uncontested weeks.

Matt is currently leading the Hardy Family Office stable on AEW television, having united with Private Party and The Butcher and The Blade in 2021.

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