Matt Hardy Thought This WWE Plan Was "Too Much"

Vince McMahon's idea worried Matt Hardy; the AEW star thought his WWE booking went too far.

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Matt Hardy reckons boasting about burning down his brother Jeff's home and thus murdering his beloved pet dog in 2009 was "a little too much".

The current AEW man reminisced about his shocking '09 heel turn during an interview with 'MuscleManMalcolm' over Starrcast V weekend. According to Hardy, he told Vince McMahon face-to-face that it might be difficult for fans to buy that he was responsible for Jeff's real-life misery.

McMahon told him to go ahead and cut that promo anyway. So, as a loyal WWE soldier who prided himself on always doing the best job possible, Matt went out in front of a live crowd and claimed he had set the fire that killed Jeff's pet.


Looking back, he realises that the whole thing was too far.

Matt was totally cool with admitting that Jeff had always been the more popular brother - he planned to use that as fuel for his reborn heel character, but didn't think bringing a very-real tragedy into the storyline would help it. Vince disagreed, and he was the one calling the shots.


Together, Matt and Jeff worked a so-so match at WrestleMania XXV afterwards.

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