Matt Riddle Says He Is Not Worried About Getting Buried In WWE

The Original Bro has experience dealing with backstage heat.


The King of Bros Matt Riddle has addressed concerns that he is in danger of being buried on the main roster in an interview with the Daily Star.

“I hear people say ‘Oh, he’s just gonna get buried!’, but I’ll tell you this, nobody has been able to bury me yet, and that includes Dana White – so I doubt WWE is going to bury me. They’ve given me everything I could ask for, so right now if anyone is going to bury me it’ll be me burying myself and that’s not going to happen – I won’t do that."

The comments come after rumours backstage have indicated that Riddle has earned something of a divisive reputation amongst his colleagues, exemplified by an ongoing feud with Goldberg that saw the pair exchange words backstage at Summerslam last year.


Riddle also explained that his time competing on UFC's reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter where he competed without a live audience in attendance has helped him adapt to the current crowdless era in WWE:

I go to one building, I know who I'm working with. I was on the Ultimate Fighter so I'm used to fighting in front of zero fans.. and spilling blood. So this is no different for me, this is something I'm used to. Usually, when they bring you over, you're waiting for that crowd reaction, but I'm getting that at-home reaction, I'm hoping!"

Prior to making the transition to the squared circle, Riddle enjoyed a successful career in MMA, going 8-3(2) during his professional career.


However, Riddle's stint in the Octagon was marred by repeated post-fight drug test failures for marijuana, and his tumultuous relationship with UFC president Dana White.

The famously outspoken White once went on Fox Sports to call Riddle one of the most unprofessional athletes that the UFC had ever had, and even went as far as doubting that Riddle would ever be able to find success and make a comparable paycheck outside of the organisation.


Looks like Riddle proved him wrong on that one at least...

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