Matthew McConaughey To WRESTLE In WWE?!

Is Dallas Buyers Club actor Matthew McConaughey set to swap Hollywood for WWE?

Matthew McConaughey Vince McMahon
WWE/Twitter, @mcconaughey

In what will almost certainly be the weirdest piece of wrestling news you consume today, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey has let slip that he could be on the verge of working some kind of match for WWE.

Speaking as a guest on WWE associate Maria Menounos' podcast, Better Together, the Dallas Buyers Club leading man revealed the following:-

"I'll say not too much because as you know, you can't say too much about these things, but it is something that interests me."

McConaughey recently appeared as one of WWE's digital fans in the ThunderDome audience. WWE even acknowledged this with a writeup on their official website, promoting his Better Together appearance in the process.


The Oscar-winning actor, 51, is a lifelong pro wrestling fan who has previously posed for Twitter pictures with Titus O'Neil, conversed with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and got himself thrown out of an old Mid-South show for throwing tomatoes at the villainous Skandor Akbar. Per McConaughey himself, he ended up sneaking back into that show through a toilet window - before getting ejected again for "spitting a loogie at King Kong Bundy."

We look forward to footage of McConaughey working Performance Center drills with Shawn Michaels in the near future.

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