Mauro Ranallo Deletes Twitter & Misses WWE Survivor Series 2019 After Corey Graves Criticism

Corey Graves launched a scathing criticism of Ranallo this weekend.


Mauro Ranallo was conspicuous by his absence at last night's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Advertised for the show days in advance, he wasn't present as NXT fought SmackDown and Raw for brand supremacy, with Michael Cole claiming that the popular announcer had "blown out his voice" after an "emotional, passionate" NXT TakeOver: WarGames III performance the night before.

Cole's version of events may not be 100% accurate.

Ranallo's colleague, Corey Graves, tweeted the following criticism of Mauro during Saturday's TakeOver event:-

Graves then followed up with another:-

This earned a clap back from MMA legend Frank Shamrock (a close friend of Ranallo's), who @'d Graves with something Corey had actually retweeted earlier that day. More significantly, it led to the NXT play-by-play man deleting his own Twitter account.

Mauro then missed Survivor Series, but can all this be traced to Graves' subtweet? The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online's Bryan Alvarez certainly seems to think so.

This is a tough situation given Ranallo's known struggles with mental health problems. There's also a professionalism issue here, as publicly criticising a colleague doesn't seem like the smartest approach from Graves. Whatever the case, here's hoping that Mauro is in a good place and, as Cole announced, is able to return to the booth for NXT on Wednesday.

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