Max Dupri Continues Old Gimmick Return Tease On WWE SmackDown

Maximum Male Models' CEO has been dropping hints that we could be back in LA soon.

Max Dupri Angel

Max Dupri has had a strange ride during his tenure on the main roster, but the CEO of Maximum Male Models might be looking to turn back the clock to his NXT days if recent comments are any indication.

Dupri, known as LA Knight in NXT, was called up to SmackDown in May, renamed and made the manager of Mace and Mansoor (who also were renamed). The gimmick had some potential, but friction with then-WWE chairman Vince McMahon led to him disappearing from TV and being replaced by his storyline sister Maxxine Dupri. However, once Triple H took over, Max returned to his former role.

During SmackDown Friday night, Max Dupri welcomed everyone to Anaheim, California, which is "only a stone's throw away from LA." Dupri then lingered for a full five seconds until Maxxine snapped him out of it.


This isn't the first time Max discreetly referenced his former persona on WWE programming. Last week in a digital exclusive, Dupri told his male models that they have to "go through the day to get to the night," then adding his signature "yeah" at the end.


All of this can't be accidental. Maximum Male Models hasn't exactly set the world on fire, and they created the character of Maxxine already to take Max's place, so it could be a precursor to seeing the return of LA Knight. Or Triple H could just be playing with everyone who's following the breadcrumbs.

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