Michael Cole Promoted To WWE Vice President Of Announcing

Say hello to the new Vice President of Announcing.

Michael Cole Triple H

While there has been certain reshuffling done amongst WWE higher-ups in recent weeks, now comes word on a promotion for Michael Cole.

Via PWInsider, the modern-day voice of WWE’s official is now Vice President of Announcing. It’s believed that Cole actually received this promotion several weeks ago.

51-year-old Cole has been with WWE since 1997, with the company signing the former war correspondent on the recommendation of Todd Pettengill. Initially used for voiceover work and as an occasional backstage interviewer, Cole would find his way to the announce table by the end of ’97 as he joined Jim Ross and Kevin Kelly in calling the action on Monday Night Raw.


In the 23 years that he’s been with WWE, Cole’s dulcet tones have become synonymous with Raw, SmackDown, and WWE PPVs – not to mention, he famously had a couple of god-awful wrestling matches against Jerry Lawler in 2011.

Most recently, Michael Cole was heard on the call for this past weekend’s WrestleMania 36, with the New Yorker these days officially calling the SmackDown brand his home in addition to serving as a mentor and producer for the rest of WWE's commentary personnel.

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