Mick Foley Calls For Lemmy's Induction Into WWE Hall Of Fame

"It makes perfect sense..."

Is the WWE Hall Of Fame about to get another non-wrestling inductee? Mick Foley has taken to Facebook to lead calls for the late lead singer of Motorhead to be inducted posthumously into the Hall Of Fame over the WrestleMania weekend in Dallas. His simple post said simply that it "makes perfect sense" to him, eliciting a major response from his followers, who he thanked in a response for their engagement. He also went into greater detail on why he deserved to be included after a split response:
"As long as there is a celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, the company can induct people who made a particular WrestleMania a little more fun, or people like Lemmy, who have left an indelible footprint on the product."
The point about indelible footprints is a pertinent one: can it be argued that he made as big an impact as Drew Carey? Or Schwarzenegger? Arguably yes, his music has been a major part of the product since Triple H adopted it, and the company has recognised the band's importance with Live slots at WrestleMania and a tribute to Lemmy when his death was announced. It seems an easy decision to make, particularly if it gave Triple H the opportunity to induct either Lemmy or the entire band himself. Alternative calls have suggested Cyndi Lauper and Jim Johnston for their musical impact, but the timing of Lemmy's death would surely push him beyond them if he's ever to be considered? Rumours suggest that The Fabulous Freebirds, Vader, JBL, and Stan Hansen could join headliner Sting in the class of 2016. Would you like to see Lemmy recognised as part of the 2016 Hall Of Fame class?

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