Mick Foley Shares Hilarious Backstage WWE Rib On Randy Orton

WWE's Randy Orton didn't see this Mick Foley and Michael Hayes rib coming!

backlash 2004 Mick Foley Randy Orton

Poor Randy Orton.

The then-aspiring main eventer was ribbed to the extreme backstage at Backlash 2004 before working a hardcore bout opposite Mick Foley. According to Mick, who told this story via his new venture on AdFreeShows, Michael Hayes was involved too.

Hayes was actually the rib ringleader on this occasion.


He told a baffled Orton that he was wearing a hockey helmet to the ring for the match. Randy couldn't tell if the former Freebird was being serious, but Michael yelled at him: "Vince [McMahon] wants to see the f'n helmet!".

Left with no choice and eager to please the boss, Orton agreed to wear the helmet to the ring. It wasn't until a few minutes before his entrance that Hayes walked up and revealed, "I'm just ribbing you". Randy was relieved, because he probably felt like a proper d*ck wearing the thing in the first place.


An entertained Foley, who was moments away from a painful evening's work, couldn't believe that Orton had fallen for the rib at all - he figured the young Evolution member would've looked "ridiculous" and been laughed out of the arena by fans.

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