Minoru Suzuki And Harold Meij Leaving NJPW

Suzuki is unhappy with spot in the company.

Minoru Suzuki

New Japan Pro Wrestling's veteran hard b*stard Minoru Suzuki is set to leave the company.

According to Joe Lanza, speaking on the Voices of Wrestling podcast, the 51 year old is said to be unhappy with his current position in the promotion, and would have left already "if not for the Jushin Liger programme." The veteran has been involved in a feud with his fellow legend, which most recently saw him and Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeat the masked star and Toa Henare at Day 1 of New Japan Road.

It has been speculated that Suzuki will return to Pro Wrestling NOAH if and when he severs ties with New Japan.


The company's current president Harold Meij is also said to be seeking an exit from the company. The Dutch businessman, who has helped continue New Japan's successful expansion into the west this past year, is apparently quitting the company following their Tokyo Dome shows next year. No reason has been proffered as to why.

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