Miro Wins TNT Title On AEW Dynamite

Miro defeated Darby Allin to claim his first piece of AEW gold on last night's Dynamite.

Miro Darby Allin

Miro is the new AEW TNT Champion, having defeated Darby Allin to claim the gold on last night's episode of Dynamite.

The match was booked last week. Miro unveiled his match contract after Allin had been thrown down a set of stairs by Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky earlier in the night, taking advantage of his weakened state. Last night, the former Best Man capitalised further.

Allin absorbed a prolonged beatdown in the bout's early stages, selling excellently for Miro's brutish offense after being weakened the previous week, though his trademark spirited comebacks came through towards the end. Miro survived, however. Absorbing some of Darby's biggest and best moves, Miro ended up countering the Coffin Drop into a modified Game Over, forcing Allin to pass out and surrender the belt.


In victory, Miro became the fifth TNT Champion in AEW history, continuing the legacy of Cody Rhodes (x2), Brodie Lee, and Allin, who had reigned since taking the strap from Rhodes on 7 November 2020.

Allin's TNT Title run was a proven quarter-hour ratings draw for AEW. Miro therefore has considerable shoes to fill, though many fans have been waiting for this kind of ascension since he walked into AEW last year.

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