Miro's AEW In-Ring Debut Called 'A Disaster' Backstage

Night one didn't exactly go to plan for the former Rusev.


Miro's AEW debut match was referred to as a 'disaster' backstage, according to Bryan Alvarez, speaking on Wrestling Observer Live.

After finally returning to the world of wrestling a few weeks ago and confirming that he was in fact 'All Elite', fans around the world were all eagerly anticipating Miro's in-ring debut for the company.

However, the former Rusev's first night of action, teaming with Kip Sabian to battle against Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss, didn't entirely go to plan on the latest episode of Dynamite. Miro unfortunately tweaked his ankle after an awkward fall through the ropes and his partner Sabian and opponent Janela both nearly injured themselves in a number of uncomfortable looking spots.


Once the dust had settled on the encounter, Alvarez claimed the folks backstage deemed this first Miro match a 'disaster'.

Accidents sometimes happen in this business and it's important to remember that Miro has also not regularly performed in the squared circle for some time.


Hopefully his ankle injury isn't a long term one and everyone involved is in good health following the hit-and-miss match. The future still looks bright for the bleached blonde Bulgarian, though, so fingers crossed his next outing is a little more successful.

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