Missing WWE Star Returns For Revenge On NXT 2.0

Last night's WWE NXT 2.0 hosted a big, vengeful comeback.

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Santos Escobar was back on WWE television for the first time in close to two months last night, regaining control of his Legado Del Fantasma stable on NXT 2.0.

This happened during Tony D'Angelo and Channing 'Stacks' Lorenzo's NXT Tag Team Title match against The Creed Brothers. D'Angelo, who had assumed control of Legado members Cruz Del Toro, Elektra Lopez, and Joaquin Wilde in his rival's absence (thus adding them to his Family), was double-crossed by Lopez, who handed Tony a crowbar only for the returning Escobar to yank it from his hands.

His eye now firmly off the ball, D'Angelo was quickly felled by The Creed Brothers, ending his and Lorenzo's title challenge.


Lopez, Wilde, and Del Toro all left with Escobar after the match. Later, a fuming D'Angelo received a phone call from Santos, who agreed to set up a "meeting" with Tony at an unnamed location - without their respective allies. This showdown is being billed 'The Final Accord' and will take place on next week's NXT 2.0.

Legado Del Fantasma had been forced to join D'Angelo and The Family after losing to their benefactors at In Your House back in June. WWE wrote Escobar off television shortly afterwards, with D'Angelo claiming Santos had been hospitalised.

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