MLW Owner Slams "Flat" WWE Product

Court Bauer is baffled by WWE's direction in 2022; MLW owner doesn't hold back.

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Major League Wrestling CEO and founder Court Bauer has heavily criticised WWE's current TV output.

Bauer described the product as "a flat version of the crash TV that [Vince] Russo used to do" during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. Court, who previously worked for Vince McMahon as part of the creative team, thinks WWE's entire approach needs a major shakeup, and soon.

Digging in, Bauer explained how keen McMahon once was to freshen things up "every 8-10 years" so they wouldn't get too stale. Now, he says, there doesn't seem to be that same urgency to re-market the product as something new and vibrant that wrestling fans should go out of their way to see.


Check this out for a point:

"It’s still essentially the same format; how you open up the show. You have a guy go do a 20-minute promo, and he’s got an invisible wall while his rival listens to him on the stage. This guy talks about his feelings. Like, this doesn’t feel real".


To further illustrate his frustrations with WWE, Court added that "authenticity matters now more than ever" and that an "artificial product" is hurting the company.

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