Monday's WWE Raw Had A Different Ending In Canada

You read that right, but why?

The Wrestling Observer has revealed that Monday's episode of WWE Raw had different endings in the United States and Canada this week.

In the US, viewers saw Raw fade to black as Randy Orton rained punches down on Drew McIntyre. Both men had brawled to ringside and were sprawled out on the announce desk as the show ended. Meanwhile, in Canada, fans tuning in to the flagship saw a different conclusion.

They got a little more action.


Canadians were treated to another minute or two before Raw went dark. There, fans watched as McIntyre tried to stab Orton in the eye with a pen. That rather violent visual was seemingly cut from the US broadcast of the program.

The Observer aren't quite sure why - nobody is. There's no word on why WWE aired two unique versions of Raw in North American, or why they cut the pen attack out of the US airing. Was it too graphic? Was it off the cuff? Did they run out of time on the USA Network?


Stay tuned for more details on this. They're sure to follow soon.

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