Moose Confirms He Turned Down WWE

"We’ll see what happens with WWE in the next couple of years.”

Moose Impact
Impact Wrestling

Following recent rumblings that Moose turned down WWE to sign a new deal with IMPACT Wrestling last month, the one-time TNA Heavyweight Champion has confirmed that that was indeed the case.

Speaking on the Mina’s House podcast (as per Fightful), Moose revealed how he had the chance to sign with WWE but turned it down to pen a new two-year deal with IMPACT.

As the former NFL star explained:

“I had an opportunity to go to WWE, but I just felt like, right now, IMPACT was better for me with what they offered and the schedule and how I’m being used. We’ll see what happens with WWE in the next couple of years.”

Moose then praised the creative freedom he has with IMPACT, noting how he may not have that elsewhere. The 37-year-old also mentioned how IMPACT pushed for him to re-sign for more than two years, but that he always likes to keep new contracts at the two-year point.

At IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV on 17 July, Moose faces Chris Sabin - and many are predicting, even though Sami Callihan is next in line, that Moose will be the one to dethrone Kenny Omega for the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship as and when the Best Bout Machine drops that title.

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