More Info On WWE Releases, Braun Strowman Injured At House Show

Don't expect Brodie Lee in AEW any time soon.

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WWE granted releases to four superstars yesterday: wantaway duo Sin Cara and Luke Harper, as well as the underutilised tandem of Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension.

According to Dave Meltzer, writing for the Wrestling Observer, the company have confirmed that all the departing talent leave with a 90-day non compete clause, meaning they cannot work for any other wrestling promotion until 8 March.

In other news, Meltzer also reported in his daily update that SmackDown superstar Braun Strowman missed a house show in Jacksonville over the weekend through injury. He had been set to meet Bray 'The Fiend' Wyatt for the Universal Championship.


Thankfully, it doesn't look like The Monster Amongst Man's affliction is anything major. The official line from WWE is that Braun was withdrawn due to a sore hip, with back spasms also cited as a reason for his absence.

Strowman is expected to return to action within the following days, though he is not specifically scheduled for any SmackDown shows.

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Editorial Team

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