More Info On WWE's Brand New 'Speed 'Show

WWE announced a new show called Speed during WrestleMania 40's press conference.

WWE Speed

WWE formally announced a brand new show called Speed during last night's WrestleMania 40 Kickoff event in Las Vegas. Now, more details on exactly how the concept works have been leaked.

The company actually taped matches for Speed before SmackDown shows in December 2023, but they first applied for a trademark on 6 February. This new show will air exclusively on X (Twitter) and showcase short matches with a five minute time limit.


Winners earn a point, losers lose one of their own, and time limit draws result in zero points for either wrestler. It looks like the whole thing will be akin to a rapid round robin, but there's no info as of yet on a planned finale or if the winner will receive a championship/trophy.

That remains to be seen.


Speed will debut at some point this spring though, so look out for it on X. The concept definitely suits high-flyers who already work at a breakneck speed; WWE has also confirmed that workers from Raw, SmackDown and NXT will be eligible to compete.

More information coming when it drops from official sources.

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