More WWE Punishment For Sin Cara Revealed

The man who drives alone.

Sin Cara

Most jobs give you a verbal or written warning when you cause trouble at the office. Maybe you'll get suspended, or have your pay docked, depending on the severity of the incident. In WWE, they make you drive in a car alone.

We've seen WWE suspend may wrestlers in the past for various infractions, but Sin Cara's punishment for fighting Chris Jericho on a bus overseas has been gradual. First he was kicked off the tour bus, then he was forced to to take anger management classes. Now he's been "banned" from flying with the rest of the roster.

According to PWInsider, Sin Cara was not allowed on the flight to Raw with the rest of the crew for tonight's show. Instead, he was told to make the six hour drive to Buffalo alone. Perhaps that way he can make as many annoying noises as he wants to without getting in trouble.


It seems that the Cruiserweight Division may not be long for Raw, as the recording of 205 Live will take place after SmackDown. If Kalisto brings the belt to the blue brand, they will already have everyone at the arena. Maybe management is just trying to keep Sin Cara away from the Raw roster for now, and hope that he'll start off on the right foot at his new home.

It's also possible that further punishments will be heading his way soon. Perhaps next he'll be banned from getting seconds on catering.

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