More WWE Releases Coming Soon?

Who's next for the chop?

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WWE are potentially set to release more talent, according to The Wrestling Observer.

Just days after the company came to terms on the departures of Luke Harper, The Ascension and Sin Cara, there are potentially more forthcoming if Dave Meltzer's most recent update is to be believed. He said;

"Regarding releases, within the company the belief is that there are more coming. But these things change rapidly, as for so long it was nobody getting released, then it was if they aren’t happy let them go, and then still, nobody was getting released. It is notable that everyone released was 39 or older except for Albert Hardie Jr."

Though this confirms little, it does denote a changing philosophy within the organisation regarding talent turnover. For several years, releases have been kept to an absolute minimum, with the likes of Harper initially made to sit out additional months of his contract due an injury extension.

The aforementioned cuts may not come, or may seem nominal, but the days of warehousing wrestlers may be finally be through. This, for the health of the industry at large, is a step in the right direction.

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