Mustafa Ali Rips WWE & Theory In New Spoof Video

Would-be United States Champion takes aim at Theory in hilarious newscast spoof.

Mustafa Ali

Recent WWE Raw returnee Mustafa Ali has uploaded a spoof newscast video to Twitter, furthering his ongoing feud with United States Champion Theory away from WWE television.

The clip, which was uploaded to Ali's Twitter page over the weekend, sees Mustafa don a number of different guises to "report" on Theory's "low approval ratings" as United States Champion. This follows a string of recent confrontations between the duo on Raw, though the storyline has also featured The Miz and Ciampa (who turned heel on Ali a fortnight ago) as well.

Mustafa kicks things off as Dennis Jones. Wig-clad and sitting in a fake news studio, he claims "the WWE Universe prefers Theory as much as they prefer explosive diarrhoea", before moving on to his next character, Chuck Reed. The barbs continue thereafter, as Ali cycles through cosplay after cosplay to throw jabs at Theory, whom his construction worker guise claims is "all biceps and no balls."


Check out the full video at the foot of the page.

Ali's WWE comeback on the 25 April episode of Raw ended a months-long dispute with the promotion that escalated when Mustafa requested his release in January. This was promptly denied, leaving the former 205 Live to serve the remaining years on his contract.

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