MVP Teases The Return Of The Hurt Business On WWE Raw

Could Business once more soon be booming?

The Hurt Business

With Bobby Lashley having this week lost the WWE Championship, MVP has seemingly teased the possible return of The Hurt Business.

Taking to Instagram, MVP posted a shot of him next to Shelton Benjamin, with the caption of "Discussing business with an old acquaintance...".

MVP Shelton Benjamin The Hurt Business
Instagram @the305mvp

Of course, many are taking this as a tease that Benjamin could reunite with MVP and Bobby Lashley - possibly as early as next week's Raw.


For most wrestling fans, it was absolutely crazy to split The Hurt Business up in the first place.

Once Benjamin joined forces with MVP and the All Mighty in July 2020, that was the official formation of The Hurt Business. By September, Cedric Alexander was added to the group, and all four members of the group were given plenty of time to shine - with Lashley going onto become WWE Champion, and Shelton and Cedric becoming Raw Tag Team Champions.


Bafflingly, WWE decided to break up The Hurt Business this past March, with Benjamin and Alexander booted from the group shortly before WrestleMania 37. Since then, both of those competitors have barely done anything of note on WWE programming.

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