Naomi & Carmella Hurt By Punishment Booking At WWE Elimination Chamber 2019?

The SmackDown Superstars struggled in the Women's Tag Title match.

Carmella Naomi

Last week was difficult for WWE SmackDown Superstars Naomi and Carmella, but not for anything that happened in the ring.

Naomi made headlines when her husband, Jimmy Uso, was arrested for squaring up to police officers in Detroit. Their car was pulled over when she was driving the wrong direction up a one-way street, with law enforcement asking both to step out of the vehicle when they smelled alcohol.

Carmella's name would then crop up over the weekend, with Cody Graves' with claiming an affair between 'The Princess Of Staten Island' and the WWE colour commentator.

Now, there's speculation that the duo's lacklustre performance in last night Women's Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber match may have been a direct result of the above.

The Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez is the source of this. He tweeted "looks like it was a change of plans to get Carmella and Naomi out first" after the duo were put away by The IIconics, having lasted only a few minutes in the bout.

An interesting take, though one that should perhaps be taken with a hint of cynicism, as Jimmy Uso claimed the decisive fall in The Usos' SmackDown Tag Title victory over Shane McMahon and The Miz later in the night.

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