New AEW Titles On The Horizon

Tony Khan confirms rumors on an all-new AEW championship, reveals even more to come!

In an interview with Canada’s TSN, Tony Khan has revealed the existence and impending debut of the AEW Trios Championship, confirming a report made last week by Dave Meltzer that the belts had already been created.

“It is truthful that I have made the belts. I made them a long time ago, to be honest with you. They’ve never been seen, and I did have them made.”

Fans have been expressing the desire for a trios championship since AEW’s inception, but there hadn’t been any new developments on the matter until recently (likely due to the acquisition of ROH).


That wasn’t the only championship news, either.

“I do have more championship belts in my possession that have never been unveiled than anybody might suspect. The TBS Championship was in my office for months at the shows before anybody knew it was going to be unveiled."

While it's doubtful Khan will release more information on these mystery titles anytime soon, he did reveal when fans can expect to be introduced to the trios titles to The Wrestling Observer.

"We have a lot of great trios here...I am much more receptive to doing it when Kenny Omega is back."

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