New AEW World Tag Team Champions Crowned On Last Night's Dynamite

SCU, or Cero Miedo?

SCU Lucha Brothers
James Musselwhite/AEW

On last night's AEW Dynamite, the SoCal Uncensored duo of Scorpio Sky and Kazarian defeated the Lucha Brothers (Fénix and Pentagon) to become the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Author's note:

This was a very, very good if slightly flawed main event: the Lucha Bros. worked a more traditionally-structured match, following last week's lung-bursting spot-fest opposite Private Party, without compromising their spectacular work. Fénix again looked like the best wrestler on the planet. Scorpio Sky's big last stand moment didn't register quite as much as it should have, which was a shame: AEW spent weeks building to it, and it lasted all of a minute. Kazarian barely sold the big table spot that led to it, too. It was all a bit rushed, and the confusion surrounding the sudden finish felt more like rematch-building than the celebration the wider storyline warranted.


AEW is opting for the sports-oriented, fan service flavour. A big celebratory scene may have worked best here, but the guts of match-making rather unspooled.

Everything was over, hugely, so it doesn't much matter - and the 1-1 record is reasonable grounds for that rematch.


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