New Details On CM Punk's Negotiations With AEW

"He was asking for too much money."


Mexican wrestling legend Konnan has provided new details on CM Punk's negotiations with All Elite Wrestling on a recent episode of his Keeping It 100 podcast.

Konnan claimed that he was talking to the promotion soon after the Punk deal seemingly feel apart. He said that officials told him a few details about how things went with 'The Voice of the Voiceless,' with the Tony Khan-helmed group apparently keen to work with him until Punk asked for "an astronomical amount of money," leading to talks falling apart.

The podcast also saw Konnan state his belief that the deal might not be totally dead, as he talked up the possibility of Punk coming in to work a programme with Chris Jericho or Cody. He'd have to stop asking for more cash than AEW is willing to spend, however.


WWE Backstage's weekly cancellation means that Punk is effectively out of wrestling again. The controversial rabble-rouser had returned to the sport via the FOX-helmed talk show last October, though Backstage has now been scrapped, with some reports suggesting it'll only return for occasional pay-per-views and other big cards. Others, however, suggest that we have already seen the last of it.

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