New Details On Cody Rhodes' AEW EVP Status

The latest on where Cody stands as an AEW Executive Vice President after becoming a ree agent.

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A major pro wrestling news story broke on Monday, as Fightful Select revealed that Cody Rhodes' AEW contract had expired towards the end of 2021, with the reigning TNT Champion now working for the promotion as a free agent.

This brought up a number of big questions, including that of Rhodes' status as an Executive Vice President - a role he had occupied since AEW's 2019 inception.

In an update to the original report, with regards to Cody's EVP position, Fightful were told the following:-

"He's a free agent, with no contract with AEW at the moment."

The outlet is yet to hear anything from Rhodes directly.

Along with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Rhodes was introduced as an AEW EVP early in the promotion's life, with the ex-Bullet Club group operating under owner and president Tony Khan.


Reports on the group's creative control vary, though Khan has called a 2021 story that Cody and co. had recently been stripped of their powers "disingenuous", adding that for him, a structural change took place in late 2019.

Cody is yet to issue any kind of public statement on the developing situation. He is advertised to return to AEW on tomorrow's episode of Dynamite.

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