New Details On Kalisto's WWE Release - Unhappy With Lucha House Party?

Booking complaints may have sealed Kalisto's WWE fate, as he was released last week.

Kalisto WWE

Kalisto's unhappiness with how the Lucha House Party stable was booked may have contributed to WWE's decision to release him last week.

Dave Meltzer writes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Kalisto had grown unhappy at the trio being presented as "prelim jokes," going as far as asking to be taken out of the Lucha House Party several times. Each of these requests was denied.

When Lince Dorado asked if he can Gran Metalik could move forward as a duo, given Kalisto wanted out, WWE went for it. The company had no plans for the wrestlers beyond this and only jettisoned Kalisto from the group to pacify him.


Dorado and Metalik were kept on television after the split, but used sparingly. Kalisto, meanwhile, wasn't being booked at all and was eventually cut. His last non-battle royal match went down at Clash of Champions 2020 last September.

Meltzer notes that the Lucha House Party was originally Dorado's idea. All three wrestlers were initially happy to go for it, believing they'd make some money from merchandise sales even if they weren't being pushed. While Dorado and Metalik were keen to continue, Kalisto became discontent, hence his protestations.

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