New Details On Matt Hardy's AEW Contract

Freedom, basically. Lots of freedom.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has conducted a new interview with Wrestling Inc. for the site's Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, in which he discussed all manner of topics ahead of tonight's Double Or Nothing 2020 pay-per-view - including the freedoms afforded by his new AEW contract.

Per the veteran, Hardy will be allowed to work for New Japan Pro Wrestling "if it makes sense." He told AEW President Tony Khan that he'd be interested in going there to work a short feud concluding at Wrestle Kingdom, the promotion's annual 4 January show, though going to Japan to work part-time would inflict too much wear-and-tear on his body.

Hardy says he is very happy with his one-day-a-week schedule for AEW but he will be allowed to make outside appearances and work signings once the global health crisis has subsided. "There's so much creative freedom and freedom of schedule with AEW," he said.

Matt also spoke on which specific wrestlers he'd like to work with now that he is All Elite, naming Darby Allin, MJF, and Kenny Omega as potential opponents.

Hardy teams with The Elite to face Chris Jericho's Inner Circle in a unique Stadium Stampede match at Double Or Nothing tonight.

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