New Details On WWE's Hall Of Fame 2022 Ceremony

An update on the 2022 WWE Hall Of Fame, which takes place over WrestleMania 38 weekend.

Jerry Lawler Hall of Fame

As is traditional, WWE's 2022 Hall of Fame induction ceremony is expected to take place over WrestleMania 38 weekend.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson writes that while everything is currently in flux while WWE locks down its 'Mania weekend schedule, the HOF ceremony is currently scheduled to broadcast on Peacock and WWE Network on Friday 1 April, the day before WM 38's first evening.

Whether or not the HOF will air live or pretaped is currently unknown. As things stand, however, WWE plan on broadcasting it after SmackDown finishes on FOX, meaning a start time of 10 PM EST at the absolute earliest.


There had been no reports on potential inductees at the time of writing. Molly Holly was announced as the first 2021 Hall Of Fame class member on 10 March last year, so it may be a while before WWE starts revealing its 2022 inductees.

Last year's Hall OF Fame ceremony combined the 2020 and 2021 classes, as the previous year's show was cancelled at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. John Bradshaw Layfield, The British Bulldog, New World Order, Eric Bischoff, Kane, and The Great Khali were amongst the names inducted.

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