New FTR AEW Contract Details Revealed

The former WWE stars are on a handshake deal with Tony Khan's company.

FTR interview

Former WWE stars Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler revealed on the Jim Cornette Experience that they are only on a handshake deal with AEW right now.

After finally appearing on AEW and seemingly targeting the Young Bucks on their first night, FTR have now shed some light on their current contract situation with the company.

Regarding their status, they said, 'So we’re negotiating still. We have a short-term almost handshake deal because they want to get this thing done finally so we’re not under any long-term obligation to anybody. That’s a nice little caveat for ya.'


This current flexibility means that the team are still able to take indie dates, however the chances of them doing so at this moment are slim as the current global situation has caused many wrestling shows to shut down until further notice.

It surely won't be long before AEW offer the pair a long term deal, but the duo may opt for a clause in that contract which would allow them to work in other promotions like NJPW for a small run - similar to the likes of Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho.


The team also expressed an interest in taking on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson down the road now the units are free of their WWE chains, with the former O.C. members rumoured to be returning to NJPW.

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