New Health Update On Terry Funk

Some positive news on the legendary Funker.

Terry Funk Speech

Following reports earlier in the year that Terry Funk was suffering with some major health issues, there's now a more positive update on the Funker.

Those previous reports said Funk was in very bad health, was battling dementia and was staying in an assisted living facility. While the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion is still obviously fighting dementia and is indeed in assisted living, he is said to now be doing better and getting the care he requires.

This update comes courtesy of John Arezzi, who was commenting on the latest episode of his Pro Wrestling Spotlight podcast (as per


As Arezzi detailed:

"When I was with Mick Foley not too long ago, a couple of weeks back here in Nashville, he had talked to Terry recently and he said that Terry was sounding better. He's getting the care he needs and it looks like Terry Funk is fighting, as he always had done, to this time just remain cognizant and just be the legend that he is, and we wish him the best and we pray for him all the time."

When those initial reports of Funk's health issues first surfaced in June, the official Terry Funk Twitter account - which is managed on the two-time ECW World Champion's behalf - confirmed that Funk was dealing with certain issues that were affecting his body and his mind.

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